Ideal-types, archetypes and myths permutations

By permuting the use of ideal-types (i.e. Weber) and the use of archetypes (i.e. Jung), we can find different applications and explanations of myths structures.

Mythological structures can be viewed, with some qualifications, as structures of social positioning.

As sciences (or social sciences) are never complete, we can consider that they support on mythological (but not necessarily religious) “vision of the world” (i.e. Schumpeter).

Type Area Explanation 1 Explanation 2
Ideal-type Social sciences Sociological, economical Mythological
Ideal-type Psychic sciences Psychological, sociological Mythological
Archetype Social sciences Mythological, religious Sociological, economical
Archetype Psychic sciences Mythological, religious Psychological, sociological

Permutaciones del mito 17


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