Well, French authorities can wait until I’ve left France, until I’m back to Barcelona to call me through a European detention order. And then I’ll go back to Paris, to finish with this. After I’ve been living in France accused for almost 3 years without any significant legal movement from the authorities, after they’ve had all the time to do what they think, they can wait that I’ve gone to call me back.

But what is their objective? I do believe that their objective is to cause me the most social, political and legal damage as possible. As I suffered a sexual assault when I was child, they have also caused me an important psychological damage.

I suppose that this is why they have done almost anything since 2011. If they wanted to solve the case and the accusation, they would have contacted me after the complaint in 2011. They have not contacted me since 2014 – I’ve been “free” all this time: so it’s clear that I’m not a social danger.

Moreover, their procedure shows the incompetence of authorities. It shows how they can treat sexual related complains. The authorities have seriously misled their obligations and the investigation.

What may happen is that, because the accusation against me has no foundation, authorities have preferred to leave it open knowing that, given the kind of accusation, this can implicate very important damages on my life. So probably better thinking that this is what they wanted to do: not to solve the case, just to damage me.

By the way, in 2013 I was arrested for buying hashish for my own consumption. I did one night in the police station and they took my DNA fingerprinting. I was set free in the next evening. Since then, I’ve had not notice from authorities.

As I did energetic political activism in Paris in 2011, before the 2011 complaint, and because of these two legal affairs, I can be in police records and under police control since 2011. They have also my DNA.

Maybe what they are doing, in addition to the social and political damage is to control my communications and to try to build a case on the addition of little possible infractions.

It’s just if they were trying to accumulate evidences that I’m scum, that I’m a very dangerous person (that’s why they don’t do anything), to accumulate little faults just to try to condemn me for something and to try to get me in prison on the basis (or bias) of a farce and a montage.

So, authorities may be using their powers on source of political considerations. They’ve wanted to finish with me from political and social dimensions. They’ve clearly shift from democratic legality to dictatorship.

So, authorities are outside legality.

I’m considering that they believe that they can do this because I’m foreigner, because I’m “strange” (say crazy), because my sexual identity and because I’m studying heterodox economics and doing politics.

What can I do? Follow the legal procedures.

I can try to size the French “Defenseur du peuple”.

I can try to size the “European Court of Human Rights”.

This case may finish whit Mr. Molins, procurer of the Republic in Paris, sitting on the dock of accused ones.


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