Parisian establishment

There is an establishment in Paris which seeks to retake, void, marginalize or destroy any alternative (dissident) movement (voice) rising up. There are many cases – here’s no place to review all. For example, in 2011 the movement 15M of Spanish people living in Paris suffered from this strategy. I don’t mean that everything was wrong or that all French people had this purpose (this was not the case, there were great people participing); what I’m saying that these establishment people were there doing their nasty tricks.

For this establishment all other people not being part of it are inferior and stupid; despite the fact that they can categorize different levels of inferiority and stupidity. Most of people coming from provinces, medium and low income classes, most of women, black people, French people with foreign ancestors (especially if they are not white, blacks or from Maghreb) and foreigners (especially if they come from southern countries): they are all inferior and stupid.

This establishment have similar studies and participates in all political parties (main ones as UMP, PS or FN), in the government, in the Medias and in the press, in some associations and NGO, in the police and in the judicial instances. There is a strong concomitance and correlation among them, so they have strong control of discourses and opinion: the subjects and the terms of public debates. They decree who is valid and who is invalid. They establish the agenda and apply it at any cost.

Thus, as I’m Spanish, I’m supposed to be inferior and very stupid; but it’s not the case: so they hate me.

I’m supposed to have no culture of any type; but it’s not the case: so they hate me.

As I’m Spanish and the economic crisis is beating strongly Spain, I’m supposed to be a workless person looking for a future in a magnificent promised land, a person who they can exploit as much as they want; but it’s not the case: so they hate me.

Finally, as I’m using internet and the social networks in a way they didn’t foresee and I’m bypassing all controls and censures of the government and the main Media, they hate me; they hate me because I’m showing them up, when I’m supposed to be the most stupid one (yes, they told me several times).

I believe this is the reason why they hate me the most.

So I’m leaving Paris, if they leave me. If not, well, I’ll just keep on fighting.

I’m feeling sorry for most French people who have to bear and maintain this establishment and these elites.


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