Some notes (and wage inequalities)

I think that the use of humor is acceptable when it is used to criticize powerful people, to show that they are not legitimated and to make oppressed people laugh about them [“they are very respectable”]. This is a stupid frivolity when dominants use it to laugh about the oppressed – the most common humor.

I have no problem with homosexuality, transexuality, gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and other “queer people”. I do support them (if they want) in their struggles for their rights. I do support homosexual marriage, despite the fact that I criticize how governments are using it.

I have a problem with pedophile and especially with pederasty – as far as I was (I am) a victim [compared to other victims, I was lucky]. Homosexuality and pedophile has no relation. I don’t support – in fact I hate them – people, especially conservative and fascist people, who want to use the pedophile to attack homosexual people – they don’t care about children rights; they just have homophobic discourses, without caring or taking into account the victims.

I don’t have any problem with feminism. Well, I have many problems with feminisms and some feminists, but I mean: I like feminism; I like it since I was an aggressed child and I liked it before much of the girls-women of my age. My life would be probably over without feminism. This is one reason why I do dispute so “hard” and directly with feminists.

I don’t define myself as a feminist: women have right to have their own liberation movements – without all the men competing for “being the most feminist”. I define myself as anti-sexist and anti-patriarchal.

Sometimes I get upset with feminists because I feel excluded. They don’t take into account my situation, despite the fact that is quite similar to some women situations – to some extent. I feel that they didn’t take me into account as an aggressed child and they don’t take me now into account as a “man” or “different man”. I feel that they want impose me a vision, characteristics and behavior of “men”, even I don’t feel at all included or perfectly included in this category.

Many years ago, I had been client of prostitutes (not often). Before, when I was a child, I was a punctual victim of a pimp – and then I forgot it. When I was still an adolescent [I looked like older than my real age] I remember how the prostitutes could sometimes search for clients – I didn’t feel aggressed, but I was quite troubling. I went and paid many years latter – social pressure don’t help – I didn’t come, as many other times – sometimes I even haven’t fucked or I’ve quit. I’m not proud of it. It’s quite confusing for me to see what I was, what I forgot and what I’ve become. I was not capable to well rationalize what I was doing and the feelings I had – from some perspective it can be seen as a prostitute paying for other prostitute. I’m not supporting prostitution, but I don’t agree with many “abolitionist” feminists.

I prefer some feminists or feminisms than others. Maybe women have a universal solidarity – I’m not sure. But I’m not a woman, so I support some points of view and I criticize some others.

There are many feminisms and feminists. Some feminisms have more or less support from powerful and government men: institutional feminists. I don’t trust them or not plenty; they are not the enemy, but this don’t mean that I agree with them – sometimes I see them as being used for legitimate capitalistic policies. Something like saying: “Hey, our policy is horrible for the poor, the excluded and for the majority of workers, but don’t worry, now we’ll make some feminists policies and everything will be alright” – which is not true.

I support feminism when they denounce macho and patriarchal violence; but I criticize some of their points of view. For instance, I think that it would be preferable to better graduate different expressions of violence, to use a variety of means to fight against it and not only repressive-penal methods and to take into account that men can also being victims (for similar reasons than women or others). Between the white and the black sometimes there are grey tonalities, we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it.

I support feminism when they denounce wages inequalities by gender or women exclusion from labor market; but I criticize some of their points of view. For instance, I criticize when I think that some feminists (institutional feminists) are promoting a kind of Strategy A [see picture] about “wage equality” – I think that it legitimates social inequalities and it doesn’t solve the gender inequality. Being reformist, I’d rather support a Strategy B.

Being radical…

Wage inequalities


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